We can’t wait to introduce all the brand-new beauty gadgets/products to you! Who doesn’t want to look more fabulous and sparkly, right? You can add more sparkle to your hair, have fun with a magnetic mask, flashy LED eyelashes, and a super convenient way to put on lipstick! Explore the new beauty products with us!
0:09- No, it’s not for eating/ Lip exerciser
0:39- No more pain for your beauty/ Hair removal foam
1:18- Choose your favorite shape/ Eyebrow tattoo stickers
1:56- It’s like a science experiment!/ Magnetic mask
2:38- Red lips anywhere!/ Lipstick cotton swab
3:08- Center of attention at any party!/ LED party eyelashes
3:37- Chew your life away/ Jaw exerciser
4:09- What did we do wrong!?/ Temporary lip tattoos
4:38- Meh for nails and for hair/ Nail spray
5:26- Is this the ultimate beauty gadget!?/ Lazy lipstick
5:42- No I’m not a monster/ Face slimming mask
6:16- Let your hair sparkle just like you/ Hair sparkle
6:54- Your smile is already perfect / Smile face trainer
7:18- Yikes…/ Nose shaper
7:47- It works better than it looks!/ Hair remover spring

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What beauty tool would you call the craziest? This is insane! Crazy BEAUTY GADGETS! Take a look and try not to smile!