Professional Sports Handicapper, Michael Silletti Says Do This To Win Consistently In Sports Betting

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Professional Sports Handicapper, Michael Silletti Says Do This To Win Consistently In Sports Betting

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Founder of Winning Sport Picks navigates what it takes to consistently win in sports betting and how they had their own 15-game winning streak.

To Win Consistently In The Sports Betting Industry It’s Vital to Remove Feelings”

— WSPicks Founder | Michael Silletti

HOBOKEN, NJ, UNITED STATES, November 3, 2022 / — Winning Sport Picks (WSP) founder, Michael Silletti is one of the go-to sports handicappers in the tri-state area. The ever-increasing consulting firm comes off of a double-digit winning streak for its clients in Q3 2022. Winning Sport Picks’ exclusive method to win parlays is available via 1-on-1 consulting sessions. Those who need a strategy to start profiting from sports betting can schedule a consultation with Silletti before the NFL playoffs.

According to industry experts, only 3-5% of all sports bettors are profitable in the long run. Sports gamblers must win at least 52.4% of the time even to be slightly profitable. Exceeding its own client’s expectations, WSP closes in on 71% for its clients just before the last quarter of 2022.

The professional sports handicapper experienced a 15-game streak from July 29th-August 12th using their calculated method. The game that initiated the streak was the Braves-1.5 at home who played against the Diamondbacks in which the Braves won by 3 runs. WSP Founder calculated the Dodger’s upcoming hot streak with his own methodical program in which 9 out of the 15 games he won during his streak came from the Dodgers -1.5 absolutely dominating every team they faced. According to the company data, If a client started with WSP on July 29th-August 12th a $500 bettor would have made a $7,500 profit, a $1,000 bettor would have profited $15,000, and last but not least a $5,000 bettor would have profited upwards of $75,000 profit.

Founder, Michael Silletti’s expertise is what guides the success of the clients through every occasion. WSP was founded in 2019 after Silletti navigated his own success in the sports betting field through simple financial management. As more outlets are available to the public to instantly start placing bets, WSP’s founder is committed to assisting players to learn how to win.

A large part of the success behind Silletti & WSP is financial management knowledge. With over 1800 clients and millions of dollars in profit, this company is betting on itself. Silletti states, “The majority of sports bettors lose money because they are not disciplined and constantly change their betting amounts” eliminating the feelings and favoritism behind certain games is a strategy well practiced among their clients. “That’s where we come in and teach money management and discipline. What makes us so unique is that we have our own money management program that has you bet the same amount each and every game consisting of no more than 5% of your bankroll.”

Winning Sport Picks is one of the fastest growing sports betting consulting agencies in the USA! You can find them at for those who want to book consultations and get free picks that win consistently. WSP works with all different types of players with all different types of financial backgrounds. Whether betting $100 a game or $10k per game advisors at Winning Sport Picks will identify the best personalized strategy.


About Winning Sport Picks

When it comes to getting the best sports picks, everyone is looking for a consistent winner. Led by one of the world’s most popular sports handicappers in the United States Michael Silletti runs a leading sports betting investment firm that specializes in giving out betting tips and picks. Since 2019, clients have cashed in big with his picks and predictions.

Both amateur bettors and experienced gamblers trust Winning Sport Picks for their consistent sports betting picks on a weekly basis. Using a proprietary betting system not found anywhere else, Silletti and his team of experts use data analysis and trending information to make big bets that pay off.

Winning Sport Picks packages are limited to a certain number of clients each season to make sure clients get the attention they deserve. Clients can contact us online today to start a free consultation with an analyst.

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