Paul Lachance is a Spartan Warrior Who Continues to Inspire; He Turns 82 Years Old This Year

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Paul Lachance is a Spartan Warrior Who Continues to Inspire; He Turns 82 Years Old This Year

2023 Spartan schedule for Paul Lachance! When you see him on the course, take a picture and share it up in social media with #spartanpaul2023

Paul always shies away from the camera while out on the Spartan course! #spartanpaul2023 Photo Credit: Spartan

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Paul shares a ‘look back’ at the 2022 season as he prepares for 2023 | #SpartanPaul2023

The goal for 2023…reach race #200. It can, and will, be done!”

— Paul Lachance

GRAND JUNCTION, CO, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2023 / — Pinstripes Media is very proud to support the ongoing and inspirational story of Mr. Paul Lachance. Paul is a Navy veteran who, after battling cancer multiple times and even required open heart surgery, has become a well-recognized, beloved and treasured part of the Spartan Race family; it’s a community like no other.

In his own words:

“As I reflect on my 2022 Spartan year I have absolutely no regrets. Though I failed in reaching my lifetime goal of 150 races (only got to 149) I succeeded in surviving (at my age that is a feat in itself) and becoming yet a better overall participant. The herc hoist has always been a challenge for me due to my left arm/hand injury. Not this year. I started using a new set of gloves that allowed me to grip the rope and hang on…once I knew the rope was secured, even in my left hand, then the bag went up quite easily. The spear throw has been, by far, the most enjoyable obstacle. I have an unofficial 95% success rate in sticking that spear. And when I do miss it’s because I get out of my “zone”. As my friend Tom can attest, I have a 100% success rate at sticking the spear “blindfolded” (four out of four attempts!). Tom gets me lined up, I picture the target in my mind, and let it fly.

By recommendation, last year I read a book called ‘Fear is Fuel’ by Patrick Sweeney. Applying several principles presented therein I was able to more easily cross certain barriers on the course. I managed to apply those lessons this year and now feel comfortable traversing certain terrains. In 2023 I want to apply those lessons to the inverted wall. I have a challenge there as I have slipped several times and landed on the pads…it’s not going to happen again! As soon as the winter weather breaks, I will hang my Spartan sized rope and start on that challenge. 2023 will see me climb the rope!

How can I recap the year without acknowledging those that helped throughout the year. In no special order: my close teammates Tom, Ken, Will, Tola; always there to carry me (not literally) along; my fellow Spartans with constant words of encouragement and helping hands; Spartan for giving me a lifetime pass…all of the gate announcers for their shoutouts; American Warrior Initiative for their unwavering support (Davida and I had the honor of presenting AWI with a check for $3000 as a result of the racing shirt fundraising event); Boost Oxygen for providing a product to keep my lungs operating at their most optimal and supporting my recovery; Punch’d Energy for their easily portable, powerul and all-natural caffeinated gummies; Pinstripes Media for all the help with the promotional support, shirt designs and production (and a true friendship); my non-Spartan friends with all their words of encouragement; and my family, especially for the best wife possible, Davida, for being my #1 cheerleader.

This year, 2023, will see the introduction of two new participants in our quest to assist American Warrior Initiative: Tom Loomis and his company as well as Sarah and Jamison Wiroll of 2nd Half Strength. Many of you have met Sarah but probably didn’t’ realize it. She is the dynamic face at the GNC tent found at many of the Spartan venues. Sarah and her husband run a gym in Corpus Christi, TX and they have developed a unique way to reach fitness minded individuals across the country….check them out at

As I look forward to 2023, I see a change in strategy on the horizon. In 2021, I was not only able to complete my “8 at 80” goal, reach race # 100, but also went on and finished the year with 10X trifectas…not bad for the old man! In 2022, I wanted to get to race # 150 but came up short…such is life. The last three trifectas of the year, and especially the central Florida Beast swamp took something out of me and I struggled on Sunday with the Super and Sprint. I see this as a sign for a change. 2023 will see fewer Beasts and a lot more Supers and Sprints. Oh I’ll still travel and get a couple of Trifectas but you’ll see me at more of the non-trifecta weekend events where daily multiple laps can be completed. When I expressed this idea to someone, I was asked what is the difference between a Beast (13+ miles) and two Supers (total of 12+ miles). Evidently, that person had not completed either one. Physically and mentally, they are, in my opinion, worlds apart.

The goal for 2023…reach race #200. It can, and will, be done! First up on the schedule is one of my favorite – head crashing into Jacksonville, Florida. If a certain Army gentleman is there, we just might have re-do at the slip wall. See you all in 2023!”

The Army gentleman he refers to is Monty Montgomery, a fellow Spartan Warrior who is 95 years old and a World War II veteran.

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Pinstripes Media is very proud to promotionally support Paul as well as design and produce his annual shirts – these are extremely popular and proceeds benefit American Warrior Initiative. If you see Paul out on the course, get a picture and post in social media with #spartanpaul2023.

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