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“This device will be a true-life saver for Indigenous population suffering life-threatening conditions Diabetes, Heart Disease & Hypertension that are over twice that of the Canadian population.”

— Jim Rondeau , IcMD Vice President Technology & Health

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 3, 2022 / — Ingeni Health and IcMD are pleased to announce the first order of Ingeni’s ground-breaking, real-time health monitoring and disease detection wearables for use by thousands of IcMD’s Indigenous and corporate clients. The agreement between the Parties is expected to generate annualized revenues of over $2.4 million starting with an initial order of some 2,000 devices.

“This device will be a true-life saver.”, said Jim Rondeau, IcMD Vice President Technology & Health. “Canada’s Indigenous population currently suffers incidences of life-threatening conditions such as Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, Heart Disease and Hypertension that are over twice that of the Canadian population in general. This device is going to make an impact on our communities and their efforts to potentially reverse and definitely improve many of these extremely concerning health metrics.”

Some of the features that Ingeni offers includes 24 hour a day real-time connected monitoring of Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Stress Levels, ECG, Activity Tracking, Sleep Tracking, 24hr Monitored Motion and Fall Detection, Geo Location and Geofencing & a connected SOS Alert Button. All devices include a full complement of fitness monitoring to promote improvements in Long Term Quality of Life.

“Ingeni is pleased that our first major order of our Monitored Health Wearable will improve the health of Canada’s most vulnerable populations.”, said Ian McNeill, Ingeni CEO, “As a company, Ingeni focussed our efforts in the area where our technology could make the biggest impact and this opening order is the first targeted toward producing tangible results for those most at-risk Canadians.”

By combining traditional fitness monitoring functions with real-time connected Fall Detection Ingeni’s Wearable puts all aspects of health monitoring and Fall Detection in one simple watch device that everyone can benefit from.

Health Canada reports that:

• Early detection of and management of medical conditions such as high blood pressure, and diabetes can help reduce the risk of heart disease. 5.9% of the population has been diagnosed with heart disease or stroke in those over 20 years.

• Hypertension affects almost 1 in 4 Canadian adults and the lifetime incidence of developing high blood pressure is estimated to be 90%

• One in three Canadians is living with diabetes or prediabetes, yet knowledge of risk and complications of disease remains low.

• 1 in 9 adults aged 20+ and 1 in 333 Children aged 1-19 in Canada live with diagnosed diabetes

• Obesity affects 28.2% of Canadians, with overweight being significant in all age categories and affecting Hypertension and Diabetes

• Poor Sleep and Complicated Mental Health Issues facing Canadians especially since Covid 19 are front of mind and can be managed for many Canadians.

For more information contact Ingeni or IcMD as below.

INGENI HEALTH view us at ( or by email to or

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About Ingeni Health

Ingeni mission is promoting Long Term Quality of Life and uniquely delivers non-invasive sensors to B2BC as a Software as a Service for proactive, automated, integrated health and safety monitoring that includes services to Seniors, and At-Risk employees and members. INGENI subscription model provides for continuous access and upgrades to high-quality and latest technologies with pricing for Corporate HR, individuals, families, and specialty sensor applications. Our Team has extensive experience in developing transaction-based systems having delivered innovation in payments with two of Canada’s largest Financial Institutions and bringing together experts in HEALTHTECH and FINTECH.


IcMD’s goal is to provide improved healthcare services to Indigenous people across North America. Many of our rural, remote, and urban populations suffer from a lack of access to healthcare providers & related services. By using readily available technology and proven market leaders as partners we intend to change how people think about the future of their health. No matter WHERE we live, we ALL deserve EQUAL care.

Indigenous-owned and operated IcMD was created in 2018 as a partnership between Metis and First Nation people. After living and working for decades in northern & remote communities across Canada our team knew there had to be a better way to care for our health. We took the time to meet with over 150 First Nation & Indigenous communities to find out what they truly needed. We partnered with leaders in the markets we looked to serve. Companies & people who had the same goals and the same desire to be partners in the health of our communities. Our partnership network now spans over 260 pharmacies & 25 medical clinics across Canada. Over 15 First Nation communities have joined the IcMD Family and we look forward to aiding not only our communities but all Canadians who wish to improve their care. IcMD puts Healthcare In Your Hands

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Ian McNeill
Ingeni Health Inc
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Fitness - Beauty News originally published at Fitness - Beauty News

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