Industry Pioneer Announces Scalp Micropigmentation Career Training

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Industry Pioneer Announces Scalp Micropigmentation Career Training

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Creating the illusion of hair by performing a non invasive treatment that uses detailed micro-needles to deposit pigment into the scalp. Also called SMP

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SMP Industry Expert Jose Nunez

Jose Nunez is offering a scalp micropigmentation (SMP) training course to barbers, permanent makeup artists and other industry professionals.

KELLER, TX, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2023 / — Inkrease SMP’s lead technician Jose Nunez is now offering scalp micropigmentation training in New York, Fort Worth and Las Colinas TX. These classes are designed to teach hair and skin care professionals the art of SMP.

Scalp micropigmentation is designed to reduce the appearance of hair loss. According to the Inkrease SMP website, this procedure results in a hairline that looks natural and has a true-to-life finish. Industry pros trained in this service can add it to their spa or salon menu for additional income opportunities.

* SMP training pays for itself within the first two clients.

* Five-student class capacity allows for more one-on-one interaction.

* Students work with real clients as part of their training.

After training, graduates can participate in continuing education and support groups. “We have private online support forums and groups as well as the option to subscribe to additional support sessions with the trainers,” reads the company website.

Nunez highlights the income potential for a scalp micropigmentation practitioner, explaining, “On average, practitioners can make over a six-figure income, which is based on a weekly income of 2 plus clients per week.”

The class takes three days and includes trichology theory, training for SMP on men and women, and education on pre- and post-service aftercare. Pigment and color theory is another part of this course, along with shadow and blending methods. Special attention is also paid to health and safety.

According to the Inkrease website, the SMP training course teaches everything a skin or hair industry professional needs to start serving clients right away. Owners and professional service providers at barbershops, salons, spas and aesthetician offices can begin providing SMP services directly after training.

Class founder and head Jose Nunez began his career in Brooklyn, NY where he worked as a barber for over two decades before relocating to Fort Worth and expanding his career.

“With his razor-sharp eye for the finer details and his formidable background, it is Jose’s natural hairlines that are his veritable signature. Native to Brooklyn, New Yorks ultimate melting pot, Jose has worked on every length, shape, and type of hair imaginable. And it’s with this dexterous knowledge that he’s able to provide the scalp micropigmentation industry with an undeniable passion and skillset.”

One of the first industry pros to provide SMP services, Nunez is dedicated to helping others look and feel more confident and wants to help other professionals reap the rewards of a career in scalp micropigmentation. He’s owned four barbershops and currently owns the INKrease SMP clinic in Fort Worth, and also opening a cutting-edge training facility in Las Colinas, TX where students will be able to receive further hands-on instruction and the opportunity to shadow.

SMP is an industry that’s still new, so there’s time to establish a practice without a great deal of competition. This solution to hair loss is for everyone, regardless of race or gender. Scalp micropigmentation can help alopecia sufferers achieve a natural-looking hairline and may even conceal scarring.

This technique can help blend patchy areas on the scalp and colors can be blended and applied with varying shading techniques for a natural-looking result.

Says the Inkrease SMP website, “SMP is an innovative treatment that is not only fighting a noble fight against hair loss, but it’s also trailblazing for boosting that lost self-esteem.”

To find out more about Jose Nunez’s scalp micropigmentation training and course schedule, call the business line at (682) 800-9744. You can reach out via the Inkrease SMP website through the contact form or use the “Book Now” button to set up an SMP appointment.

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